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Students will choose one of the following discussion topics. Those that have the same interest form a group. Each group will be given a number of continuous discussion slots. Each group will work on a summary presentation about the topic, which will be presented at the beginning of the group's discussion slots. The group decides the set of papers to discuss, the time allocated for each paper, and the group members that discuss the individual papers. I expect the groups to meet beforehand (on the own) to figure these out.

In the summary presentation, you are supposed to (1) define the area; (2) summarize the status of the research area (e.g., discussing the state-of-the-art, open problems, the important papers, and the leading research groups); (3) quickly introduce the papers that your group will cover and any hints for how the rest of the class should read the papers.

Individual group members will cover different papers. For each paper, a group member shall present the paper and lead the class discussion. In the paper presentation, you are supposed to: (1) define the problem; (2) introduce any background that is necessary to understand the paper; (3) discuss technical solution; (4) comment on the pros and cons of the paper; (5) discuss unsolved open problems; (6) advocate any idea you may have; (7) go over topics that you want the class to discuss. You shall prepare to draw examples on board to explain the technique. Each student needs to present at least one hour. He/she can choose to present one or two papers within that duration.

The entire class is supposed to read the paper(s) that are discussed. Quiz will be given (by the presenter) before a paper presentation starts.

The paper presentation grade will be divided to two parts: the group grade shared by all group members, and the individual grades

Paper Discussion Schedule

Topics of Interest
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